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Logging back in - naked and gun stripped of attachments
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After disconnecting from an internet issue, there were about 10 people around me possibly in a 25 metre or more radius.
I logged off in a bush, didn't die whilst my character was going through the 30 second sit down > sit up cycle of logging off.
Logged back in the following day to find myself naked and my M4 was stripped of all attachments (all, despite 1 bullet in the gun)

That was the second time it's happened, I believe its got something to do with being around other players, as the first time I was in the middle of an airfield (on RP so no KOS) and there was about 5-6 people in close proximity of myself, the server restarted/crashed and I logged back in to the same thing, no gear and my M4 stripped of all attachments.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Operating System Version
Windows 10 Standard
Steps To Reproduce

Have a rifle, and some gear like a backpack.

Stand within close proximity of about 5-6 people

Restart the server/crash the server OR disconnect yourself forcefully from the server so the connecting error comes up.

Should go through normal procedure of logging back in again, however character will be naked and no attachments on weapon. (No handguard, buttstock etc)

Repeat until it happens.

Additional Information

I hope this is fixed fairly soon, damn annoying, especially two times in 2 days.

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