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AI Cannot Hear Gunshots [Repro + Video included]
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AI do not seem to be reacting to gunshots even at close range. You can fire a loud weapon all around them and get no reaction. They only notice that they are being shot at when they see a tracer round, or a bullet impact land in their vision. This happens regardless of skill level set on the AI. (Tested with default 50% skill and 100%, no change).

This is very bad because it is causing AI to not react realistically to being shot at. They don't seem to notice when you kill others around them either (unless they actually see it). They seem to be completely deaf.

Video Demonstration


Operating System
Windows 7
Operating System Version
Home Premium 64-bit (6.1 Build 7601)
AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open 3DEN
  2. Place a player unit
  3. Place an enemy unit facing away from you about 100-200 meters
  4. Preview and fire an suppressed weapon

Additional Information

Really started to notice this after 1.60, it didn't seem to be quite as bad a problem in previous builds. Hopefully this can be corrected before Apex launch!

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Some additional information:

  • AI do not seem to register sound at >200 meters distance.
  • AI cannot locate players based on sound or direction of sound at >200 meters distance.
  • AI only react to tracer fire, and cannot detect the direction the tracers are coming from at >200 meters.
  • AI do not react when you kill others standing next to them.
  • AI are no longer a challenge for players to kill as long as you stay at least 200 meters away from them, as they cannot find or hear us.
  • This bug renders suppressed weapons useless.

Something is terribly wrong..


Just tried the same test in dev branch. No change.

The AI only reacts when he sees the tracer round fly past his field of view. He then makes no effort to scan or look for targets. After I stop firing for a short time, he gets back up like nothing happened.

Here's a video

Baraz added a subscriber: Baraz.EditedNov 7 2017, 6:34 AM

I add my +1 here.

My tests yesterday and today, using these conditions (all at once) :

  • One red marksman fires over and over at enemies 1km away (without a silencer) ;
  • Yet there are two blue soldiers only 110 m away. They never react nor change their stance (clueless no matter all the shots fired).

Those two guards have spotDistance 94 (100 spotDistance with 70 Skill Level).
Of course, the red marksmen is out of sight (only behind a rock), but making tons of loud gunshots only 110 m away.