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Vehicle persistence resets randomly!
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Alright so I tested this on a private, passworded server so no one else was joining and here are my results. I found a bus and sedan near Cherno, fix them up slightly and log off. When I get on the next day both vehicles were gone so I headed up north where I found a offroad. I fix it up but am unable to get it to move so I restart the server. It is still there and I eventually get it moving and head to NWAF. I park at a helicrash to gather loot and leave it parked for around 5 minutes, I then restart the server. When I re-enter the server I find the offroad is gone. It seems vehicles on the server completely reset at times, this is a big issue and I hope for a hotfix of some sort.

Edit: I have done a lot of testing and I have confirmed even if you do not restart your server, all the vehicles can completely reset still! I turned off automatic restarts and found them still resetting.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Restart server until vehicles reset or wait for them to reset themselves.

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I can confirm this issue. Happend to me with an offraod and multiple trucks. As @Scoopy said, it seems that vehicle persistence gets randomly wiped after a server restart/crash.

i confirm it also. i hope it gets fixed asap ! Is that a bug?

I found a bug which vehicles you can spawn off the please fix it is annoying every day the new vehicles to search I thank you already equal times in advance ...

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