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Cars disappearing
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My friend and I got a car (Lada) working and drove it up north to our base (nothing else was there besides an oil drum). We logged back in the next day and the car was there, so we went out to loot and came back to find it gone, but everything else in order. We assumed it was stolen and moved base location. Then we got another (Lada) and fixed it up, with the same thing, the car disappearing within 10 minutes of us leaving. We then fixed up a V3S and had a man watch it when we left, and it stayed. But the second we all left it was gone, this V3S we took the battery out of when we left and still had the battery but no V3S.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce

Leave a car alone for ~10 minutes. Maybe leave the rendered area.

Additional Information

We are assured they were not all stolen, we took major steps after the first one to be sure.

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XRW64 added a subscriber: XRW64.Jun 17 2016, 1:08 AM

Same problem, but me it was after 24h. One Hoffroad in the north, no one was Around me or the car..

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