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Hellcat lights
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The hellcat helicopter no longer has collision lights. The searchlight can not be turned on by the pilot and the copilot can't move it around with the camera as the light is now static.


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Windows 8 x64

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SomeSangheili added a subscriber: SomeSangheili.EditedJun 13 2016, 9:26 AM

Should be noted that if the Hellcat spawns with its engines on, the collision lights will be on and you cannot turn them off. Also, duplicate of

The Hellcat does appear to at least have collision lights at present. I can confirm that the searchlight can only be activated by the copilot, though that doesn't seem like a bug necessarily. I can also confirm that the searchlight is now static, and does not follow where the copilot/gunner is aiming. This does seem like something to fix.

I just tried this and while I see the spotlight turret moving as I look around as co-pilot, no light turns on when I use the option "Searchlight on". Seems like this has been broken for a couple years?

It's fixed (see screenshot). Ticket can be closed.
Collision lights + lights available for pilot or co-pilot if he has the controls.
Co-pilot can turn on the searchlight and move it around.

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