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Feeback tracker not displaying an option to create tasks as actual feedback about the game, only bug reports.
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Arma 3 user community (as sure from other BI games) would like this feedback platform to have an option to create tasks about actual game's feedback and not just bug reports. I mean what is good, what is not that good. What could be improved from the users point of view. What could be interesting to focus inside the developer branch. The feedback tracker is actually just the old bug report system. Therefor we have the Arma 3 Support ( where users can find a FAQ and if that doesn't help they are linked to this page, that's true. But where is the game feedback supposed to be posted then? BI Forums aren't directly meant to post feedback, but more for discussions. And the most similar would be the Arma 3 Wishlist post. But we don't want this to be another wishlist. Although most of the wishes in the list are actually game improvments, the feedback tracker should be used for commenting actual in-game & dev feedback in a serious way.


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