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Importing missions into Eden editor with no unit set as player wipes everything
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I have just noticed that when I try to import an old 2D editor mission into the Eden editor, and if that mission doesn't have one unit set as player, that during the import everything, units, markers etc., is completely wiped from the world. The Eden editor also does not make a backup of the old 2D editor file but just overwrites the original mission.sqm. I always end up with a mission.sqm file with a size below 1 Kb.


Operating System
Windows 7
Eden Editor
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open the 2D editor.
  2. Place a unit and set it as Playable.
  3. Save the mission and exit the 2D editor.
  4. Open the Eden editor.
  5. Import the file and everything is wiped.

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I wasn't sure how to edit my report but this issue has already been reported on the Bohemia forums in February 2016.

Check here:

When is this issue going to be fixed? This ticket was posted like a month ago and not even a single hint of it being seen or whatever has been shown.

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thank you for the feedback. Issue was submitted for a fix and should have been working correctly, we are currently looking into why is the fix not working in the latest update.

Alright. Thank you :)

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issue should be fixed in the current Development branch and later in Main/Stable branch update.

Can you confirm?

Thank you

It was fixed. The ticket can be closed.

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