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Voice change.
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Here's the problem:
If you change the voice for a character in the edit player profile, the game took off.
How I can download the file with the report in next time?
Archive which is created will not boot here.
(Google translator. Excuse me.)


Unable To Duplicate
Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Game Crash
Additional Information

Arma 3 - a super. The best game to date.
New island:
Stratis - 10 of 10.
Altice - 10 of 10.
Tanoa - 20 out of 10 (I have supported version of the game).
The gameplay and the changes that you implemented since the time of Arma Cold War - it's something that was lacking in the entire series. Cool! Keep it up!
On this occasion I want to appeal to you to:
please add to the game module civilians - as in Arma 2.
This is what is lacking in the vast and beautiful islands of the course to create specific missions involving civilians.
I hope for you!
And thank you very much for the game.
(Google translator. Excuse me.)

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