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[Tanoa] Town directions sign is wrong
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A sign on Tanoa (grid 055098, southern roundabout in Georgetown) which displays town directions and distances is wrong. It says the the town of Regina and the Airport are north-east when they are actually south-west.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to grid 055098, AKA the southern roundabout in Georgetown
  2. Find the sign which that says "^Regina 3, ^Airport 6, >Saint-Julien 2, >Tanouka 5"
  3. Realise that the first three directions are wrong
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I have checked the position on grid 095098. The correct position is 055098 (I have already corrected it).

The straight arrows only mean that you have to stay on the rounabout.

The first two entries (^Regina, ^Airport) on the first sign are totally not necessary if you are driving on the road from the south to Georgetown and you are entering the roundabout.

The correct lable for the first sign would be

^Port, >Saint-Julien 2, >Tanouka 5

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Thanks for correcting the grid, and wow, I honestly did not know that about those signs...

It's fixed - I've checked it. Ticket can be closed.

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