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Tanoa - White house + Balcony Gemoetry issue
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I was playing on a Tanoa Life server earlier today and found a nice looking house. I went in through the back door and tried exiting through the front however either their is some geometry from the wall to far over, the door isn't big enough, or the geometry doesn't move with the door for some reason.

I'm not sure if this is just a bug with this house as I haven't found any others to test it on but I imagine it is a bug with all houses as I think its something to do with the Geometry <--- this is the house

its located here: <--- its the house my character is looking at on the map


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Windows 10 x64
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Not rellevant
Steps To Reproduce

I imagine you can reproduce it just by opening the door and trying to walk through it,

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Ticket can be closed, since no details/info was provided for reproducibility.

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