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Grass with 1.60 update (check video)
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Grass is now too dense on Altis (probably Stratis too) after the 1.60 update. It creates a lot of problems when fighting the AI. (before) (now) (before) (now) (before) (now)

I know you have a new AIAvoidStance parameter to combat this, but in many situations, this will not help if the grass remains dense/tall as it is now - see the video:


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Windows 7 x64
AI Spotting / Detection
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(Important to note, after I uploaded the video, I noticed even if I crouch, he can still see/shoot me, so he even has more wiggle room to cheat than I thought)

Additional Information

As you can see, not only prone AI is problematic, you're not even safe from the standing one.

It's very risky to cross any kind of slope or hill, or peak from top or sides:

as the AI can see you way sooner than you can see them with this grass layout after the latest update - and seems to replace the default Arma 3 grass pretty much everywhere.

Believe me, I've waited with this ticket until I played 1.60 long enough to see this grass really impacts gameplay with AI negatively.

So, is there any chance the old grass layout makes a return please? If not in a official way, maybe at least as BI mod like you released for the old font, or fatigue?

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Please dont ignore that ticket, no doubt it should be threated as highest priority after Tanoa.

Tsnfsdnfkjsdn added a comment.EditedJul 14 2016, 7:38 PM

If someone still have some doubts its ruining gameplay and realism, try to play this mission (and try to nod die beacuse of "shooting grass"
Enemy have only helmet above grass (even half of it) and he still sees you perfectly, while you cannot see them). Its custom map, but it happen on vanilla AFTER YOU BEING DETECTED. There is no way to hide back in grass after enemy detect you - he will allways see you.

This is an existing problem according to me. This disturbs me very much! The enemy can easily shoot down me, but I do not see him! I solved this problem in such a way that I put the quality of the Terrain onto low and there is not grass so.
This is not a solution however!

@adam520 , yeah, and then youjust saw rocks, fences in the air over 500M..... Please, developers, fix this, game is very unplayable beacuse of this. Adding to config grass AS VEGETATION would help. Custom terrain makers would just create mini configs with adding their type grass to it.

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oukej added a subscriber: oukej.Jul 15 2016, 5:58 PM

Hey, thank you for the report!
That particular spot has grass cover layer (layer above ground that blocks AI vision) approximated to only 0.03 height. Elsewhere the same surface goes to 0.1, which more or less reflects the actual visual state, meaning this situation shouldn't happen that often.

Will get back to you once I have more info whether the approximation can be improved

Thanks for looking into it!

ai behavior depends on unitpos ->

So there is no any layer?

Any update on this issue? As a mainly singleplayer/scenario player this bug is gamebreaking and denies many situations. Despite it being my favourite game, I've sadly decided to stop playing Arma 3 until it's resolved.