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Connection failed.
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I have two steam accounts, and one account cannot connect to my server with an error message simply reading "connection failed."
Prior to the latest update, I had no problems connecting through to the server on the other steam account.

The server is an Altis server, but in the client RPT log, the client tries connecting to a Stratis session:
11:30:20 Starting mission:
11:30:20 Mission file: intro1
11:30:20 Mission world: Stratis
11:30:20 Mission directory: a3\map_stratis_scenes_f\scenes\intro1.Stratis\

I've verified my steam game cache, and re-downloaded Arma 3, and this doesn't seem to be fixing the issue.
All other clients seem to have no issues in connecting to the server, although one of my community members did report they had the issue immediately after the update, but the issue resolved itself after a couple of days.


Operating System
Windows 10 x64
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Ticket can be close as the "issue" is not valid anymore.

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