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Retranslate russian formation strings.
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Bringing them to a military mind


<Key ID="str_a3_formation___wedge">
English: Formation - Wedge
	<Russian>Строй - клин</Russian>
	*<Russian>Отделение, клином - СТАНОВИСЬ</Russian>
<Key ID="str_a3_formation___vee">
English: Formation - Vee
	<Russian>Строй - обратный клин</Russian>
	*<Russian>Отделение, обратным клином - СТАНОВИСЬ</Russian>
<Key ID="str_a3_formation___staggered_col_">
English: Formation - Staggered col.
	<Russian>Строй - шахматный порядок</Russian>
	*<Russian>Отделение, в две колонны - СТАНОВИСЬ</Russian>
<Key ID="str_a3_formation___line">
English: Formation - Line
	<Russian>Строй - шеренга</Russian>
	<Russian>Отделение, в одну шеренгу - СТАНОВИСЬ</Russian>
<Key ID="str_a3_formation___file">
English: Formation - File
	<Russian>Строй - ряд</Russian>
	*<Russian>Отделение, в одну компактную колонну - СТАНОВИСЬ</Russian>
<Key ID="str_a3_formation___echelon_r_">
English: Formation - Echelon R.
	<Russian>Строй - правый пеленг</Russian>
	*<Russian>Отделение, правым пеленгом - СТАНОВИСЬ</Russian>
<Key ID="str_a3_formation___echelon_l_">
English: Formation - Echelon L.
	<Russian>Строй - левый пеленг</Russian>
	*<Russian>Отделение, левым пеленгом - СТАНОВИСЬ</Russian>
<Key ID="str_a3_formation___diamond">
English: Formation - Diamond
	<Russian>Строй - ромб</Russian>
	*<Russian>Отделение, ромбом - СТАНОВИСЬ</Russian>
<Key ID="str_a3_formation___column">
English: Formation - Column
	<Russian>Строй - колонна</Russian>
	*<Russian>Отделение, в одну колонну - СТАНОВИСЬ</Russian>


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@falagor Hi :)

Can you help me with this ticket?

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Thanks, we'll look into it, but not sure how we will exactly change it.

We won't be changing it as the translations are correct in this format. The English source text does not cointain any "СТАНОВИСЬ" etc.

But this word "СТАНОВИСЬ" using in russian and soviet army and very good for Arma series ;)

TRAGER added a subscriber: TRAGER.Feb 13 2021, 1:37 AM

What for? As already mentioned above - in the original, such large lines of text for voice acting short commands were not conceived
Even when dubbing radio protocols in Russian, the actors repeat the original words almost word for word

The original source English text is: "Formation - Wedge". The translation is "Строй - клин". We cannot add words to the translation which are not present in the source English text.