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Undersea inventory issues
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Currently you cannot open your inventory while underwater (unless you are inside SDV).
This is an issue for divers particularly.
In undersea operations, you should be able to open your inventory and vehicle inventories.
There are many scenarios where this is an important feature three of them include:

  1. Taking a divers suit while underwater in order to survive (for special ops this is a useful ability especially - for instance doing a HALO jump into the sea)
  2. Taking other divers ammo (Divers have limited UW ammo, so this is important)
  3. Dropping items for teammates, looting dead bodies and getting ammo or items to complete a mission out of the SDV without having to surface/


Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a diver or person underwater
  2. Place an SDV or ammo crate or diving suit or enemy
  3. Either try to open an ammo crate or vehicle inventory, or kill the enemy and try to loot his body or try to open your personal inventory
  4. Observe that you can do none of these
Additional Information

Please do not ask for videos. I live in a rural area and have terrible internet data and atrocious download/upload speeds.

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