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Linux server pbo file limit
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There is a maximum number of pbos the server will load between the vanilla game pbo and any addon pbos. When more than a certain number of pbos are loaded the server will not allow any clients to join. This makes it problematic to run a server with many mods. To the best of my knowledge this is not an operating system issue as I have already raised the operating system imposed limits.

ulimit -Hn
ulimit -Sn


Operating System
Linux x64
Operating System Version
Ubuntu 14.04
Steps To Reproduce

I have produced a pbo containing a single config.cpp and duplicated the pbo 1000 times to create the following mod -

Simply run the linux server with the attached mod loaded.
./arma3server -port=2302 -config="a3server.cfg" -name=testname -cfg="basic.cfg" -filePatching -mod=\"@filler_mod;\"

When you attempt to join the server you will be unable to.

If you restart the server without the mod loaded you can then join it. The only difference is running or not running the attached mod.
./arma3server -port=2302 -config="a3server.cfg" -name=testname -cfg="basic.cfg" -filePatching

As you can see from the included addon source this test mod does not affect the game.

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Snippers created this task.Jun 3 2016, 4:32 PM
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Fadi added a comment.Jun 3 2016, 8:04 PM

Yep, we've run into this same problem with our Linux dedicated server.

*raises hand*

We hit this wall too.

Thirded, fourthed, or whatever. This is a real kicker for linux servers, and it is only going to get worse over time, even with things like Apex.

Our own content we can consolidate to reduce the number of files, but other community content we have to choose between removing it to stay under this limit or editing others content without their permission to repackage it into fewer pbos. Neither of which are particularly pleasant solutions.

We would genuinely appreciate this being looked into.

Kepler added a subscriber: Kepler.Jun 24 2016, 6:24 AM

This is a major issue for community member using linux servers!

Can confirm, we are having this same issue

Funar added a subscriber: Funar.Jul 30 2016, 3:38 AM

arma3server on Linux seems to choke at around 1511 open files. you can verify this by looking at the /proc/[pid of server]/fd folder and seeing all the open file descriptors. It never goes beyond that number.

Can confirm, we are having this same issue.
.# ll /proc/20075/fd | wc -l
1051 <----- max. open files !!!!!!!!

.# ulimit -Hn -Sn = 65536

similar issue T84836

confirm: This is a major issue for community member using linux servers!

Luzahan added a subscriber: Luzahan.Sep 2 2016, 7:10 AM
theowningone added a comment.EditedSep 21 2016, 4:57 AM

So, this is being really optimistic right now but.....

It's maybe fixed with the current perf build? (As of posting, arma3server_performance_162_138470_v20_linux)

Just gave it a run on my server, loaded the filler mod and our usual modset, loading ~1850 PBOs. Seemed to work fine!

It's not fixed.
~# ll /proc/15446/fd | wc -l
1053 <--- server can not find

1051 <--- work fine

Funar added a comment.Sep 24 2016, 1:14 AM

This issue still remains as of version 1.64 and completely cripples arma3server with a good-size mod collection on Linux.

any comment from bistudio would be good

Brunius added a subscriber: Brunius.Oct 3 2016, 4:04 PM
richardbiely added a subscriber: richardbiely.EditedOct 31 2016, 9:56 AM

As far as I can tell, Arma currently does not put a limit to a number of file handles that can be open. It all comes down to your system's settings.

In order to influence the number of files you can have open simultaneously, you can use either:

  1. temporary solution (will be gone after you log out or restart):

ulimit -n # will return your current limit
ulimit -n 4096 # or any higher number. Just make sure that it's greater then what "ulimit -n" returned originally

  1. permanent solution:

as a root add the following to your /etc/security/limits.conf and restart your system just to be sure
arma3server - nofile 4096 # the same rules I described for ulimit above apply here

Given some of you complain that updating the limit via "ulimit- n" does not help, maybe there's some other limit set on your system. E. g. file locks (ulimit -x).

Thanks for the reply. In my case I am ubuntu server (V12.04 iirc) Firstly in my case ulimit -n returns (10240) and ulimit -x returns (unlimited). Also in /etc/security/limits.conf the (10240) is set for both the soft and hard limits. Via:

  • soft nofile 10240
  • hard nofile 10240

I'd recommend attempting to reproduce as per the steps in the original ticket. There's a really tiny mod (274kb) that you can experience this with. To clarify further on 'When you attempt to join the server you will be unable to.' - The server will show in the server browser but you can not connect to it you will stuck in a loading screen that may eventually timeout.

Just saw this today:
1.66.140166 new PROFILING branch with PERFORMANCE binaries, v13, server and client, windows/linux
+ fix for issues on Linux server with too many PBO (unable to connect to afterward)

After testing 1.66 v14 binaries for the past week, I feel pretty confident saying this bug has been fixed, and the issue can probably be closed (as I can only speak for myself).

razazel changed the task status from New to Feedback.Mar 15 2017, 4:01 PM
razazel added a subscriber: razazel.

Can anyone else confirm a fix? :)

Fadi removed a subscriber: Fadi.Jul 10 2017, 5:36 AM

Confirmed Fixed - Ran the filler mod alongside our standard modpack so ~2000 pbos
Good job!

razazel closed this task as Resolved.Jul 31 2017, 8:41 AM
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