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Cannot start ArmA 3 "Steam is not running"
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If I tried to start ArmA 3 the game crashed with the error '0x00000035' and launcher says 'Steam is not running'. Actually Steam is running as you can see in the picture below. Restarting my computer fixed the issue.


Operating System
Windows 7 x64
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There are no steps to reproduce due this issue happens randomly.

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Screenshot: (I cannot upload files to Maniphest Phabricator (Exception: No configured storage engine can store this file. See "Configuring File Storage" in the documentation for information on configuring storage engines.)

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that 0x00000035 error means the issue with Steam, the game nor the code could connect to Steam client. Something is blocking the communication between Steam and Steam component in our programs. How you started Launcher, from a shortcut or directly from Steam?

It also happens when Steam is not running: the error popup and Steam client is started and then you can start the game from Launcher.

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I started ArmA 3 directly from Steam. Steam was running the entire time. Restarting the game and Steam didn't fix the issue. I also tried to start the game via Steam while my anti-virus and Windows Firewall were disabled but the issue persists.

EDIT: I also tried starting the launcher directly (with and without administration privileges) - not via Steam by the way. Didn't help either.

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