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Semi-transparent Textures on Objects with AO Turned On
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I've noticed a curious aesthetic bug regarding certain objects. The screen of the PC monitor object, which accompanied the Helicopters DLC, appears semi-transparent when you view it with the ambient occlusion on. Turn the ambient occlusion off, and the problem desists. I've also had the same issue with custom objects that I've made myself. Here's a thread on the issue, created by good old IndeedPete:


Operating System
Windows 7
Helicopters DLC
Steps To Reproduce

Place the PC monitor object from the Helicopters DLC, turn on the AO, then inspect the screen surface.

Additional Information

If possible, I'd love to know why this is occurring, so I can implement a fix for my own content :P

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I've also noticed this transparency / AO issue affects the new Tanoa garbage - namely, the cinder blocks.

Getting a little closer to fixing this issue, check out this link :)

It appears that objects with a number of transparent faces can cause AO and light rays to shine through the model; is there some sort of cap on transparent faces per model?

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Also happens with TV objects as reported in

As well as wall objects:

  • Land_NetFence_01_m_d_F
  • Land_NetFence_01_m_8m_F
  • Land_NetFence_01_m_4m_F