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Game crash when vehicles get near me
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I have literally tried everything to fix , reinstall mulitple times, update, roll back, verify, remove mods, add mods, check ram, tried new profiles, i mean everything.... my game crashes everytime a vehicles gets within 200 meters of me, been trying for days to play with my friends, but am unable to because when we want to do a mission we need to fly or drive there and i imedieatly crash when they bring said vehicle near me, also tends to happen when being shot at but not all the time, ive tried playing coop, and epoch and exile. its really frustrating paying soo much and putting in soo many hours to not be able to play anymore. im getting a error message when it crashes.


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Windows 7
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not my profile but the same message is seen when it crashes here is a few RPTs

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we are sorry you are experiencing issues with our game.

Are you running any mods? If so please try to disable them. Should the problem occur again, please provide me with the crashdump files.

The mdmp + rpt + bidmp files should be located in this directory:
<drive>:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Arma 3

Attach the generated files to the ticket - upload them to some free file sharing service (i.e. Dropbox) and post the link either in comment or into the ticket itself.

Thank you

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ok file will be attached, and as i said above ive tried mods on and off still same problem but mostly will be playing with mods, and ive had the problem on different severs that run different mods, ive tried every possible combo on my end ok here is the file

@Astaroth not valid anymore. Ticket can be closed.

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