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[0.8.0234] Drilling tasks in MAB mission don't disappear after finishing
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After the player finishes the three drilling tasks in the MAB mission, the green cones/squares indicating an available task don't disappear (altho a popup window appears everytime player finishes drilling). See the attached screencaps (taken after landing and drilling a sample at all three locations).
Version: 0.8.0234 DEV


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No Bug
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Editor > MAB > Load MAB (CAMPAIGN)
  2. Spawn T11 0G Probe Drill
  3. Assume vehicle controls
  4. Land at one of the Drill task locations, Drill and Analyse
  5. The green cone/orange square indicators won't disappear

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I misunderstood the task, there is no bug and the tasks functions properly.
However the Temporary Results placeholder pop-up appears even if you drill at the ASPX task locations which it probably is not supposed to.