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Item lifetime not working - items not despawning
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On the private hive at I have noticed over several days that loot is not despawning - the same things are in the same place every time I log in. This seems to have affected the frequency of other loot spawning too as items are noticeably less common than the same places on the public hive.


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Geez added a comment.Jan 13 2016, 2:42 PM

Hello TimF.
Does this affect all of the loot on the server or just particular categories of items? And also after how long the items did not clean up?

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TimF added a comment.Jan 15 2016, 7:29 AM

I have only noticed it applying to a few items, vehicle tires, being one but also a head torch. I saw those items in the same position in the same buildings when I logged in over 3 separate days - so it seemed like they were persisting for 72 hours last time I checked.

Geez added a comment.Jan 15 2016, 12:54 PM

Hello TimF.
Thank you for the update, we will look into the issue and in case we will know any more information I will update this ticket.

Can confirm this also, Im playing on Blue Waffle's private shard servers and construction sites always have the same loot there regardless of time that has passed, I even interacted with one of the items and came back several hours later and the bob the builder helmet was still there.

Seems like Private Shard are often more into these types of issue than Public Shards are, like before when you spawned in new every time you logged of geared on a private shard.