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Battle-Eye / MOTD ruining content created by content creators
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Currently content creators who promote DayZ such as youtubers and livestreamers have no way to hide the constant spam of MOTD messages and Battle-eye text in the lower left corner.

The MOTD messages are often used to troll players by saying fake update messages, but are also troublesome for livestreamers as the MOTD will often say "WELCOME TO THE SERVER DE-1 GO TO! teamspeak:!" which reaches into the center of the screen. livestreamers are resorting to blocking the lower left QUARTER of the their screen to avoid these messages giving away their server troll viewers who will use the information to DDOS the server or ruin the other viewers experience. Youtubers are also struggling with this massive text spam removing the atmosphere from their content.

Battle-Eye also outputs to the lower left corner constantly telling the whole server each time a client times out, leaves the server or was banned. This also gives away the server to a livestreamers viewers and ruins almost a quarter of the screen for youtube content.

As the new UI is being created at the moment (which current makes this situation worse as the text is now closer to the middle of the screen than the deault UI) please take the above issues into consideration and provide a launch parameter or menu option to REMOVE MOTD and Battle eye from the text displayed in the bottom left corner.

I know you plan to add a 'stream safe' option at some point in the future, but a safe middle ground would be to investigate the possibility of hiding the MOTD/BE spam from the corner until a full stream-safe UI can be developed in the future.



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Highly annoying for people that promote the game daily to thousands of people. Furthermore these messages can confuse players by spamming false character statuses. In my opinion server admins abuse these server messages and we need the option to hide them completely.

Honestly this has been needed since the first half of the year of the game's release. It can't be much work at all to have an option to remove these messages.

Is the client able to determine the type of status messages it's receiving?

If the client can't filter messages by type, then even providing a simple boolean HideStatusText=1 in DayZ.cfg that turns off *all* the status text might still be preferable to the current behavior of showing everything.

What do you mean with "stream safe"?
With websites like gametracker absolutely nobody is "stream safe".

I think it's not a good idea to hide *all* status messages.

Simple messages like "I'm hungry" etc are very very good.

paper we arent saying turn it off for everyone, we are asking for them to make it a toggleable option. Also you can see your hunger and thirst in the inventory screen anyways as long as you arent using the new ui. We should have the choice to not see an entire paragraph becasue a server admin decided he would put spam into his server messages.

This is a must. Cripples youtubers and streamers hard work. Be it an entertaining video on youtube or a hard working streamer enjoying the game with his/her viewers.

Making BattleEye messages admin view only and MOTD toggled in client options would be a possible solution.

  • We should have the choice to not see an entire paragraph --

This is what I wanted to say :P

Just one question: someone said to me Bohemia is going to implement the "HUD" (energy etc) of Arma 2 DayZ Mod into Dayz SA. Is this true?

Yes. Is it coming one day?
Because I really hope it is totally discreetly and not like in DayZ Mod.

Just one question: how to get this? I'm using the new-ui but I don't see this.

I'm not a content creator, but I'm sure that this is really annoying. Hopefully, it will be resolved eventually.

Many updates ago we could see messages like "I'm getting wet" when you got hit by the rain. They also removed this. So, it won't be a problem to remove the other spam messaged.

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As this has been stated several times - DayZ will support a method of disabling server and BE messages. However this is pending the move of the removal of legacy UI and implementation of the new UI technology.

@Hicks Can you at least give us dates or something? I mean it gets to be aggravating when all we get is, "oh yeah we'll be doing this once we've added this" i am of course paraphrasing but the point I'm trying to get across with this is that we want some tangible dates. Its just very frustrating to hear over and over again that it is in the future and we have no clue when that future is...

@Paper26 Thats the plan. Those were removed couple experimentals ago from the newui, they just tested them it seems.

@Saciel I dont understand why you have to start this discussion again, especially when its a very well known issue und devs already said its gonna be supported in the future. Isn't that all you have to know right know? If its not streamable for you atm you still have the option of not streaming it and wait.

Dont get me wrong I'm a big fan of certain dayz-streamers and I really appreciate their influence in promoting the game. But I have the feeling you see yourself and your "game advertising" as too important and essential to the game. This game is getting developed for anyone who wants to play it and not primary for the 1% of streamers playing dayz.

Further I think you are abusing your "fame" by saying thinks in stream like "I'm gonna raise a ticket on the dayzfeedbacktracker, post a link in chat/twitter and when thousands and thousands of people say FIX THIS the developers hopefully get on top of this".

I dont think this helps in the developmentprogress at all, especially when its a known issue anyway, it just points the discussion to an unnecessary escalation.


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Just out of interest, is there any reason in particular we get the Battleye debug? I kinda understand the MOTD etc, but that really isn't much of a problem - you just don't switch to the game until that's faded. The battleye spam, however, seems completely unnecessary and removing it would pretty much solve the issue for the stream sniping side of it.

As someone who tries to make more cinematic type videos in DayZ, the text spam in general is a pain, but I'm fine with waiting for the streamer friendly UI, however long it takes... But can you not just stop the Battleye debug showing up?

Please fix this issue.
It is ridiculous to play this way. How hard can it be to put a toggle in the settings and disable chat/server messages?

This game is hopeless. No renderer, even though they've been working on it for nearly 1 year. 2018 is the release of this game with the current dev of the game.

As somone who can´t play DayZ because of a weak PC, i can only enjoy this beautiful game through Twitch, or YouTube. Every time a Streamer dies to a Streamsniper he has to re-gear again. Which often means no action for a minimum of 2 hours. Well i can switch to another Streamer that has gear, or is already in a firefight. But there are not many Streamers left worth to watch. The Streamers that are left and are worth of spending my time are getting rarer and switching to other Games because of things like these.

So please address this issue. It is a just a small thing that not only affects Player, but also affects content consumer too.

Hi Hicks, Appreciate your return post.

I understand that disabling Server and BE messages is due when the legacy UI is removed / updated but it is significantly harming your streamers and viewers alike.
Im no programmer so I don't understand the intricacies of making the change but it does seem from the outside looking in that this would be a "quick win"
The ROI appears to be significant when looking at the amount of online creators that encounter issues yet still promote your product to your customers.

Look forward to your feedback

You could allow modders to create tools for you that you can incorporate into the game, like Blizzard, that incorporates well known and used addons into the game itself. :)

Dayzmod got very interesting back when you opened it up for modders. ^_^


Hicks added a comment.Jan 7 2016, 1:05 PM

Currently actively assigned to NewUI programmers.

Would be interesting to get updates in this ticket on what / how the NewUI programmers are planning to implement it.

Hicks added a comment.Jan 8 2016, 3:00 PM

Currently in test.