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Vehicles jittering after hours of being offline (Needs URGENT hotfix!)
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Whenever I park a vehicle (Lada) somewhere in the woods, after some hours I come back and the car is jittering, I cant move it. This happened to me 4 times and I had to ditch 4 vehicles so in my opinion this needs an urgent hotfix. Removing the parts and putting them back on even in the weirdest combinations does not fix this issue. {F33089}


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Park a vehicle, log off and log back in a few hours later.

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I repair vehicles so I can hunt for helicopters. I always come back home in the evening after work and I feel like looking for some choppers, but in the end, I waste my time repairing another vehicle.

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After the recent hotfix to prevent cars from rolling down hills when parked, this strange behavior started. What ever was done to keep them from rolling will also keep anyone from using them
We have done the following to fix this, (not all of them are successful every time).

  1. Pull tires off, relog, put tires on. (sometimes tires disappear)
  2. Have a buddy drive it a few feet
  3. Bump it with another vehicle
  4. Wait until server restart
  • this strange behavior started. What ever was done to keep them from rolling --

I think save save the position of a car or whatever when nobody is inside and everytime it moves (e.g. downhill), the position resets automatically.

This produces jittering. Typically a 5-Minute-Solution.

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Very annoying bug, everyday i must wait for a restart and this is fixing this only 1 time on 3.

I've reproduce it with: Sedan, and Bus

Geez added a comment.Jan 7 2016, 9:17 AM

Hello Yunuscracke and thank you for the report.
The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.

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Just a heads up I think it has something to do with your character as I had the jittery car and it would not move my friend then jumped in the car and it moved for him then I could drive it

Defiantly think it has something to do with the character and logging out then coming back into the game. Thought it was because I had used the vehicle, but I Left the game came back in later and glitched my 4*4 I had been using. I then came back on 2 hours after that and tried a sedan that the only interaction I had had with it was fitting a tyre and spark plug and I get the glitch the same with a bus that some one had left I had only fitted things to it but glitched it when I went to drive it. It looks like a server reset takes whatever bug I had done to the car that stops me from using it (other people can drive it even though it was glitched for me which removes it and I can drive it again). I hope this helps.