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Offroad Hatchbacks can't move out of their spawn after fully repaired.
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I repaired 2 Offroad Hatchbacks at the same spawning locations(Cernaya Polana) on 2 different servers with all their necessary parts(all Pristine and Worn) to make them run: 4x Offroad Wheels, 1x Car Battery, 1x Spark Plug. The gasoline was full. After that I turned the engine on and the car didn't move, this happened to both Offroads I repaired.


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Attach all the necessary parts to the Offroad at Cernaya Polana: 4x Offroad Wheels, 1x Car Battery, 1x Spark Plug. Check the gasoline level by sitting on the driver seat in 1st person view. Turn on the engine and try to move the car while sitting on the driver seat by pressing A or D key.

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Idk my issue connected or not but several times our "Niva" offroad stuck in ground during driving process.

Same thing with he Pusta spawn. Full repair, doesn't budge.

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These are manual shifting vehicles. Bind Keys for shifting. Q and E

I have experienced this bug a large number of times, from just after having assembled a vehicle, to five minutes after having parked it, to days after having parked the vehicle. Allowing a second person to attempt moving the vehicle will almost always remedy the stuck wheels.

Please upvote my ticket, number 0029349, as I have included video documentation of this bug.

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I think this issue is obsolete.

Maybe just close it?

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