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Fake You Are Dead screen
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I was running around guglovo trying to gather supplies to get a sedan working when i stepped out of a barn and randomly died. I know for a fact it wasnt a gunshot as there was no impact noise no scream of pain before i drop nothing

after a couple minutes my friend Droped randomly as well running down the road of gorka Another person told us relogging when we get the you are dead screen fies the problem but it was already to late for me i already pressed respawn


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Its seemingly random at times. But after posting on the subreddit for help it seems like it'll happen randomly after you've interacted with one of the new vehicles, I'm hearing stories of people dropping dead right after they got out of a vehicle, and just dropping dead right ater they've left a building.

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guess its another issue. i readed about it and it happened to a friend in front of me yesterday. small steps and even stairs (police station) result somtimes in broken legs and even dead. yesterday my mate died by stepping out of an barrack. as a lootet him his shoes and jeans were ruined also everything in the pockets of the jeans

This issue has happened twice to me as well. Both times it was while exiting the larger shed with no doors (land_shed_w4 I believe it is called). Each occured on a seperate private hive server.

The first was while exiting the shed beside a remote cabin just south-east of Msta (Coordinates 115, 103 on the DayZ TV map). The second was while exiting the shed beside "green medical" (housev_t2t i believe) in Kabanino (Coordinates 53, 65 on the DayZ TV map).

Confirmed. I was on an empty server, healthy/energized/hydrated. Just played to check the new content.
Tried to repair Icarus bus, entered/exited several times. After I got out from it on the 3-4 time I received "You are dead" message. I decided that this is just another vehicle system-connected bug and quitted the game. Respawn button was inactive!
The next day my mate Tamer sent me this:
I checked my character and he was alive.

can confirm, my friend died yesterday on the stairs of the police station in electro. we were the only 2 players on the (public) server, this never happend before.
Pants and jacket were ruined, my friend was healthy when it happend.
fun fact; 2 seconds before i walked the same stairs!

I had a hatchback and was driving around in it just fine for 2 days. Then I crashed it pretty bad. Ruined battery, spark plug, doors and hood. Tires still showed pristine but I read they are bugged and may not actually be. I did not take any damage to my character from the crash. I got the car back to my camp and logged out for the day. When I came back the next day I started getting this bug.

If I put the car in reverse and just let it roll on its own I can go a good 30 seconds before my screen blacks out. If I use the gas pedal for any amount of time in any gear however I get the black screen in 2 or 3 seconds. I have not tested it in my V3S, but this is something to consider.

Maybe fake ruined tires are causing it? Something to do with crashing the car?

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This happened to my son while we were playing- getting into a sedan he got the "you are dead" screen. He logged, and came back in fine and with all his gear.

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Hello mrEnderMC and thank you for the report.
The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix, however we still are looking for any valid information regarding to this bug. In case you come across any useful information that has not been reported by other users previously, please post it under this ticket.