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[Player Ghost Sounds]
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Since the 1st Experimental Bransh of 0.59 hit I've been having a rather weird experience where I'd hear a player running by and I've not seen a player at all.

I've been at various of places both in the open and in cities / tent areas and I can clearly hear a player running by in either the grass or dirt and I've quickly turned around and not seen anyone, I've also been running around looking for this someone that generated this noise but again, not seen anyone at all.

Could this be an issue or a bug since .59 is a lot about fixing the player desync position and I imagine that the netcode has been touched a lot recently, if that can be something in the playground for this weird occurance?


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Just play the game and you may whenever you're still may hear the sound of a player running by but there is no-one there.

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When I've heard the sound of someone running by I've turned around very quickly many times, no way anyone passes by that fast that I'd miss to see the player.

Please, anyone who reads this ticket, does anyone else also experience this?

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And here I thought I was just paranoid. I've had this experience a number of times on experimental, and I think that it is client based. i met a friendly fellow up north a few days ago. I had been hearing footsteps while looting, and had mostly open fields around me. after I met up with him, he heard footsteps and we both split up and investigated. Nothing was found, I did not hear the footsteps, but he did. When I heard the footsteps earlier, he was approaching my town from the opposite direction that I had entered from. Might be rabbits, but I can't be sure.