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Vaulting/climbing ladders will sometimes cause a two-handed weapon to be held in one hand.
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Sometimes, while double carrying, instead of setting down a weapon to climb a ladder, the weapon will be held in thew right hand and remain there while, and after climbing the ladder. Sometimes setting down the weapon will normalize conditions, but sometimes the weapon disappears; sometimes it is possible to climb back down with the weapon in one hand, set it down, and pick it up again normally.

Sometimes vaulting while sprinting will cause player to do crouch vaulting animation, and remain crouched. When double-carrying, this animation bug will cause the weapon in hands to be held in one hand after completing lowered vault animation. Setting the weapon down causes it to vanish when this happens.


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Double carry weapon, and sprint up to fence or ladder; if fence, hold "V," if ladder, press "F" or click "middle mouse." Weapon held in hands may convert to being held in right hand. Attempts to move or drop weapon may result in loss of held weapon, or the weapon being swapped with held weapon.

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May be realted to bug that causes disappearance of items being swapped without having a compatible inventory solution. For instance, dragging a Longhorn from pants pocket onto Amphibia in chest holster; since chest holster will not accept Longhorn, the Amphibia takes place of Longhorn in pants, but Longhorn is either discarded onto ground, or lost completely.

I'm not sure how much desync has to do with this, but I have scoured (flat) areas of lost weapons to confirm their absence on a number of occasions.

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