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When carrying a canteen, emptying vessel while sprinting causes contorted arms bug, and affects canteen's status.
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As a fresh spawn, I had filled all slots in my jeans, and then I found a canteen 9% full. I ran to the nearest well, and tried to empty the canteen in transit. The canteen was held in hands, but character performed the animation for equipping melee from right shoulder, and proceeded to empty the canteen. Thereafter, my characters arm posture was such that the left arm was bent behind the back with a crooked wrist, and the right arm was in front of the lowewr torso, in a similarly contorted fashion. when filled at a pump, the canteen was placed on ground, and no water was taken into the container, arms remained contorted. Dropping the canteen, and picking it back up again, fixed the problem. {F32884}


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Hold canteen in hands, sprint, scroll mouse wheel and select empty container, watch as character model assumes a most awkward fung-fu pose with arms.

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I had no melee weapon at the time, and an empty trumpet on my back. Jeasn slots were filled as follows, from top left to bottom right, as english texts are read: radio w/battery, 15 shotshells, pristine PU scope.

The "hoarding monkey" school of kung-fu is largely ineffective against the infected, and results in errors while manipulating objects.

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Hello emuthreat and thank you for the report.
This is a known issue, it has been fixed internally and should be fixed on Steam soon.