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Swapping between SMG and Primary gun has high chance of losing item
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When an SMG, which can be in either the back weapon slot or inside clothing, is taken from clothing then the hotkeys used to swap to a weapon on the players back, the SMG is transferred to the back weapon slot instead of the clothing it came from. Then when the primary weapon is put away, it is instead dropped on the ground.

I understand the latest status report addresses this by planning a 'weapon dropped' animation but this is still undesirable behaviour - if the SMG comes out of a clothing slot it should preferably be returned to a clothing slot.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have an SMG in backpack and a rifle on back
  2. Assign both weapons to hotkeys
  3. Press hotkey to get SMG in hands
  4. Press hotkey to get rifle in hands
  5. Press rifle hotkey to put away or red X in hands slot
  6. Rifle is now on ground while SMG is in rifle slot

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The exact same thing just happened to me. Several times in a row. I had an AKS-74U and Winchester. There was enough space for the AKS-74U in my backpack, but it went to the back. Unfortunately the server restarted in just that very moment. Result, lost my main weapon. Latest version, 0.59.130612

@Geez hi :)

Maybe close this ticket as obsolete?