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Trowing Splitting Axe causes "inconscious" animation
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Just that.Trowing Splitting Axe (with G) causes "inconscious" animation, and im unable to get up from it. Need to exit and back from server.


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I had this happen as well. I found a splitting axe mostly superimposed into the floor of a 4 bunk + bathroom barracks. I picked it up while prone under a bed because I though it was a magazine, then turned and hit "G" to discard it, and I went prone and was unable to move or stand up until I logged out. I was, however able to swap hotbarred items. I was on the EXP Central 0-2 server when it happened.

this used to happen with garden hoes and shovels. maybe still does? I noticed working gloves still turn your black characters arms white the other day.