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Vaulting while sprinting makes you crouch.
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When I vault while sprinting my character will first crouch then vault. When the animation is done I am crouched, even tough i was not crouched in the beginning.


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Vault while sprinting.

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Tested on high populated servers.

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Hello Gudbransen and thank you for the report.
The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.

if you let off shift and then press v to vault then return to holding shift once you have begun to vault you will not crouch.

If it helps I found a way that will reproduce the crouch bug 100%

If you're sprinting and you vault several times in a row, it will always be normal. However, after you stop sprinting, you will find that the V key doesn't respond when pressed for awhile. When you are able to vault again, you will always do the slow crouch vault. Steps listed below.

1.) Join server to begin a fresh session

2.) Sprint and vault as many times as you want (should be responsive)

3.) Stop sprinting and don't vault for a short time

4.) Try to vault when running (shouldn't work at all)

5.) Keep pressing V until you finally vault

6.) Run around and vault (it will now always be a crouch vault)

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