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0.59 Experimental - Hunting Scope ADS Overlay Incorrect Proportions
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The Hunting Scope appears squished on my screen. Rather than the normal circle that one would see when looking through the scope, I see an oval. See attached photo. {F32818}


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i think 0.59 has some issues with aspect ratio, did you check that?

No I didn't. The thing is, the image itself isn't distorted or out of proportion. It's only the scope overlay. I will check the settings and see what it looks like under Aspect Ratio.

EDIT: I have no available options under Aspect Ratio. Definitely messed up there. It stands to reason that this issue may be tied with that, but my game is not producing weirdly proportioned images in any other circumstance that I can find thus far. Also, Tatanko said that his scope was rendering normally so I know that this issue is not universal.

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My scope has the same issue. I got a damaged Hunting Scope on my Blaze and it has an oval shape, squished in in its width.

Double checked my aspect ratio as well. Tried out different resolutions. The issue persists.

Additionaly the iron sights of my MP5 is not lined up with my line of sight. I cannot see the nose sight attachment when i look through the iron sight. Haven't checked yet if the aiming is off due to that though. No idea if its related or not.

Hmmm. My Hunting Scope is damaged as well. Might be a good place to start looking for the cause. Perhaps a Worn or Pristine one would not be out of whack?

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Hello ColdAtrophy and thank you for the report.
This is a known issue (#0028405) and it has been scheduled for a fix.