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Character is unable to get healthy after vomiting procured by overeating
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My character can't get healthy after vomiting which has happened after overeating.


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Steps To Reproduce

Be fully energized, fully hydrated and healthy.

Eat some Zucchini or Pumpkin so you get your character to vomit.

Observe as your healthy status disappears and your hydration level changes to dark green.

Hydrate and energize yourself so you are always light green energized/hydrated.

Play for more than an hour and notice that you can't get the healing status visible and thus healthy won't ever appear again.

Additional Information

This type of possible bug has happened to me twice already. Probably it will happen every time a character vomits after overeating (after a sickness character can get healthy without any problems unless there is a bug concerning sick status).

Maybe it is a status bug or maybe it just works as designed but to be healthy again I need to die or maybe just get hurt a bit - it depends if vomiting procured by overeating reduces blood levels and health points as well.

It seems that it is reproducible so I will try to test it once again but I need to die first and my character is on since the last character saves wipe after some DDOS attack about 2 weeks ago.

Please let me know if I should test it more extensively.

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Hello Rebeliant and thank you for the report.
The issue has been confirmed and scheduled for a fix.