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Insulation level of leather clothes seems to be too low
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During the rain the character is drenched very fast when he wears natural leather clothes. And as well a leather backpack is poorly insulated.

Leather is known by its water protective abilities. Shouldn't clothing be more protective against water than it is now?


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Wear leather clothes and wait for a rain.
Observe as your character will get completely drenched as he would be wearing a T-Shirt and Jeans.

Additional Information

Natural leather clothing shouldn't be 100% water proof but it should give some decent protection against a rain.

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How should I proceed? I often play on servers with rainy weather occurring so it is possible to test the subject more extensively.

How long would it be to be still dry in a rain wearing leather clothes? I understand it is rare scenario as I prefer to wear Gorka clothes and not crafted leather.

Is the coloring of the leather clothes mean something at all? Should I test all variants?

Geez added a comment.Oct 20 2015, 9:36 AM

Hello Rebeliant.
I will look into this and let you know in case I need more info.

Geez added a comment.Oct 20 2015, 5:01 PM

Hello again,
I have checked on the water absorbency values of the items and they are higher than usual clothing (the top and hat are pretty much waterproof). However, currently the character wetness status is a sum of wetness of all items (which means that if your character wears for example a damp top and drenched mask, the overall character wetness status will be sum of the wetness value of these two). Did your character wear a full crafted leather set or was it random pieces combined with other kinds of cloth which offers less protection?

I was wearing almost complete set of Brown Leather clothing at that time.

The only pieces different were Military Boots (Pristine) w/ Combat Knife (Pristine) and Designers Glasses (Worn).

In other words I was wearing Brown Leather Hat, Brown Leather Jacket, Brown Leather Storage Vest and Brown Leather Pants.

Also I was wearing a Brown Leather Backpack.

Having PautRev Gorka set (Pristine) and Plate Carrier Complete Set (Pristine) and Tortilla Backpack (Pristine) I can hardly get wet on rain but Tortilla is 100% waterproof.

Should I try going out during the rain w/o Leather Backpack to test it once again?

Geez added a comment.Oct 22 2015, 5:13 PM

Hello Rebeliant.
If it is possible please do, as the backpack and pants have the lowest absorbency value. In the meantime we are also testing the issue here internally.

I've tested the issue once again.

  1. With Brown Leather Backpack.

After 4-5 second on the rain my character went damp.

All items were damp excluding Brown Leather Hat and Designer Glasses.

I was wearing Brown Leather set (Hat, Jacket, Vest, Pants) and Military boots and Working Gloves. All those items went damp after few seconds.

  1. Without Brown Leather Backpack.

Exactly the same as with a backpack.

It's not good when all items become damp after few seconds of rain and TBH - all my items are some kinda water proof (typical working gloves needs like 30 minutes of heavy rain to become wet inside), military boots are almost impenetrable by a rain and leather itself is waterproof.

Anything more to test?

Another set of test only after I hunt down some more cows.

Some bambi kid robbed me and then killed me when I was AFK typing a post here. I just saw the last moment of my quite a long life span and heard his childish voice.

Another lesson - do not post here when in populated servers.

Geez added a comment.Oct 27 2015, 9:45 AM

Hello Rebeliant.
Did your clothing go only to damp status? Because the clothes absorbency does not affect the time after which clothes becomes wet, but rather the amount of wetness they will receive. Which means the highly absorbent clothes should not go past damp status, while the less absorbent clothes can get wet or even soaked. Can you confirm if the behaviour is as described?

The issue seems to be similar to the scenario you described but when I change jacket, pants and vest to end-game ones (PautRev + Plate Carrier) then I can travel on the rain constantly and neither of other clothing/sacks become damp.

And few seconds is enough to get damp status when wearing clothes made from tanned and dyed leather.

Why Military Boots make themselves damp only when having Brown Leather Set and never when having PautRev Set even when walking on invisible water?

Why gloves became damp?

I cant check, but inventory also became damp as well as weapons which never occurs when wearing high quality military clothes?

BTW: I cannot test anymore. Uninstalled DayZ yesterday. I need a break till beta stage. Got bored of playing on minimal details when I want to PvP in cities. Got bored playing DayZ on empty servers. Got bored walking on NWAF on full servers and not meeting any players. And finally - got bored playing DayZ as majority of players left the game after 0.58 - there is no one to play with anymore.

See you in 2017.

Geez, I believe the issue is is that some items that are supposed to be waterproof and tough (leather jackets, hunting jackets, military uniforms) get soaked/drenched really QUICKLY, leading to cold, and leading to death.

The raincoat and gorka jackets are OP compared to anything else because they can tank rain eternally, and anything else won't even come near to these two in terms of waterproofness.

Also, small nonvital items get wet really quickly contributing to overall wetness - gloves, military boots, face masks, hats...

@Geez hi :)

May be close this ticket as obsolete?

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