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Filter-Option public/privat
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Hello devs,
it would be very nice and helpful, if you get an filter-Option for public and privat-Server of the hive.


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Search for Server
Order by time
look only for public-server (no filter Option)

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Don't be so minimalistic.

There are plenty of features yet to be implemented into GUI and that list is long even in a small area of server listing.

Let me elaborate:

  • allowing to resize columns
  • allowing to order columns
  • allowing to turn on/off particular columns
  • fixing the refresh button as after a refresh the order of items on the list changes without taking a users choice of order into account
  • adding a column with private/public attribute
  • adding a column with the server country of origin
  • adding a column with duration of a cycle
  • adding a column with information about server restarts
  • adding a column with 1st/3rd person perspective
  • adding a column with normal/hardcore attribute

I think the list is not finished.

But I think reporting issues concerning GUI which will be probably replaced by another one are a waste of time ATM.

Geez added a comment.Oct 12 2015, 3:24 PM

Hello NBPone and thank you for the suggestion.
This has already been suggested in ticket #0028017 and the suggestion has been acknowledged by us.