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Making Pristine Burlap Sack and Pristine Rope from damaged ones
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Breaking down a Pristine Improvised Courier Bag gives you a Pristine Rope and a Pristine Burlap Sack.

So when you have a Damaged Rope and have found Damaged Burlap Sack then you can craft a Pristine Improvised Courier Bag and then by breaking it down you will get pristine items back however you have used damaged ones to craft the bag in the first place.


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Take a Damaged Burlap Sack and combine it with a Damaged Rope and then break down the bag to get those items in Pristine state.

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Probably this is a smaller part of a bigger problem with crafting.

Crafting a Plate Carrier Complete Set or Smersh Vest with Backpack attached is another instance of crafting issues however slightly different than getting back Pristine items.

I think that this minor flaw would only impact on those who try to craft Ghillies. To some of those players such flaw may become an exploit and a time saver (why search for pristine Burlap Sacks if you can create one from Damaged one easily).

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Hello Rebeliant and thank you for the report.
This is a known issue and it has been scheduled for a fix.