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Character wiped, then no loot at all
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Joining on my favorite server (WOBO) after I had connectivity issues, I was suddenly no longer geared in Polana but fully wiped. Left the server and logged on again and was somewhere else entirely again.

Ran around for 20 minutes and did not find one item of loot.

Steam chat contacted another player and he had the same problem on my server.

I thought to myself, well this server is emptied out (usually it's pretty much full) so it seems to be the entire server.

All the other servers are almost devoid of players on a Saturday afternoon.
What's going on?


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On Facebook we read that they are attack by an DDOS.
They work on it and it could be that we will get our old chars back...

Geez added a comment.Oct 12 2015, 12:11 PM

Hello ColonelBurton and thank you for the report.
This has been caused by an attack on our character database as announced by Eugen Harton at his twitter account ( Unfortunately we do not reimburse lost characters, however we are working hard on preventing such attacks happening again in the near future.