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The character save file lost on all servers within the same hive
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On 10th of October 2015 about 0200-0230 CEST I've experienced possible dupe of item (was trying to store UMP in a barrel). When I wanted to relog my character save was reset to default. Switching servers from my favorite list (same hive) did not fixed the problem. However on different server my character has had a different save file (default but on different spawn place).

[edit1: seems that the save file is the same - I moved away from spawn place and now I seems to have a new save file with the previous save probably gone).

[edit2: on PHX I have different save than on CHG/AB/GGaming and other servers from the same hive. Since yesterday I could normally switch between PHX and CHG, AB, GG and other servers from my favorite list. Have hives been reconfigured somehow? Have servers been moved between hives (lost PHX)?]

I turned off and on the game itself, restarted PC, waited till morning (right now) - still my character save file is broken. Every time I log into a server my old save file is not loading.


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This happened to me for the first time. Ive read forum and there was some of that kind of issues reported and after tonight's mishaps there are more players experiencing the situation described here. It may be totally intermittent and connected to the items and events which take place just before logging out and back again.

Additional Information
  1. Empty hands, empty back (weapon slot). UMP in Olive High Capacity Vest.
  1. Server when the bug occured: [CHG]Chimera-Gaming
  1. I tried to put UMP into a barrel. It lagged a lot and did not move into a barrel at all. I tried to put a UMP into my hands - no success.
  1. Went 4-5m away from barrels (3 of them, item count about 50 in all 3 barrels) the UMP went into my hands (action made before).
  1. Went back to barrels.
  1. Saw that there is an UMP in a barrel and in my hands (possible permanent dupe, 100% existing visual dupe).
  1. Put UMP from a barrel into my High Capacity Vest (with another UMP in hands) resulted in putting UMP from hands into a vest. Dupe in a barrel still visible.
  1. Reloggeed.
  1. Character reseted.
  1. Restarted to another server - char reseted and in other spawn place (same hive - PHX server).
  1. Logged back into Chimera - char still at default, freshly spawned.
  1. After few relogs - error - unable to load player profile. Reset the game and contact admin (or sth. similar)

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I think this is a duplicate thread. Sorry.

Geez added a comment.Oct 12 2015, 12:10 PM

Hello Rebeliant and thank you for the report.
The character wipe has been caused by an attack on our character database as announced by Eugen Harton at his twitter account ( Unfortunately we do not reimburse lost characters, however we are working hard on preventing such attacks happening again in the near future.