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Hypothermia Incurable
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Despite making a fire immediately after gaining hypothermia and sitting next to it while remaining energized and hydrated the entire time I died without unconsciousness. Also received no message of being cold before getting hypothermia.


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Get hypothermia from rain
make fire immediately
eventually die

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Similar issue occured for my character today.

I was crouched by a fire to dry wet clothing. Managed to raise body temp to 35C (checked with worn Medical thermometer). When I had no status effects besides healty, energized and hydrated I went out in the rain again.

After some running and looting I got the Hypothermia status with no prior warnings besides beeing wet/soaked.

Sitting by a fire did not cure it and my character soon died.

game version 0.58129488

Had the same on a private shard server today.
Char got cold, got Hypothermia bug, he was warming in front of a fire and suddenly died.
v 0.61.136960

@Geez may be close this ticket like obsolete?