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Strange glowing lights after encounter.
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Myself and 2 friends were approaching a small village at night when 2 guys ran through the woods my friends were hiding in, they seemed to head straight for my friends, did not seem like they should have been able to see them that easy so could have been hackers, I don't like to call hacker so reserve judgement.
I was luckily in a bush across an open space from this happening and got a clean head shot with a Mosin on one and hit the other, he only went unconscious as he got up after a min or 2 and ran off.
Anyway after a good few mins waiting to see if he was coming back I risked going to find my friends bodies and the guy I killed, then I saw this glow where I believe my friends were killed.
They only appear when I get very close and get progressively brighter to the point in the screenshot, then vanish until I turn round. {F32612} {F32613} {F32614} {F32615}


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i call it "the angel of death" here a video from it.

if you need more Geez i can look for the whole file. i never got it again but saw it on an popular streamer.