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chars should always be able to tear simple shirts into rags
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when i hover my mouse over a t-shirt in my inventory only the "inspect" option appears, when in the vicinity only "take" and "inspect" are optional.

edit: thus, shirts can't be torn into rags. this is a bit nonsensical imo as a normal person is always able to achieve this without the use of any tools.


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  • not quite sure on this one if this is really _always_ the case or only on certain servers. will try to check that.

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i can agree with needing a sharp object to destroy clothes such as sweaters, jeans and the like but shirts?
imo opinion shirts should _ALWAYS_ be instantly useable as a bandage or armband or whatever _WITHOUT_ the use of a sharp object.

this doesn't make much sense imo.

edit: also, i was specifically talking about shirts not any other type of clothing

you need a sharp object (knife/axe/whatsoever) now

still isn't a bug, but a design choice
we could discuss if it's a good choice, but that would lead us nowhere

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This is not a solution nor meant to be one
You can always when you spawn run to the water and search for a stone - and when found - craft it into a knife... You need the knife for food etc. anyway and it is one of the best knifes out there!

In my opinion, you should be able to use your shirt as a bandage, but turning it into fine rags.... A new good quality shirt is not 'easy' to tear apart.... Maybe a $3 shirt is... but... Just tried tearing apart a old but high quality shirt... I did not manage to do so......