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Character holding down primary mouse button automatically and right mouse button locking itself.
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As the topic says the character randomly starts holding down primary mouse button and using it after you pressed it once and you have to start spamming other buttons randomly to make it stop else it will keep doing.


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Steps To Reproduce

Use primary mouse button and the character will start using it automatically no matter what you have in your hand.

Using right mouse button to zoom in will make it lock itself inplace randomly untill you release it with the same button by pressing it, for it to zoom out.

Drag item into inventory from vicinity with primary mouse button will lock itself in even thought you released the button into inventory and wont let go.

Additional Information

The right mouse button sometimes gets itself locked inplace when using it to zoom in and you have to press it once again to release itself from zooming in.

When dragging items into inventory from vicinity sometimes dont let go after you release the primary mouse button.

I have seen streamers having this issue aswell where primary mouse button will use itself automatically after pressing it once.

Seems like all 3 issues are related somehow.


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related to #24155