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PSO-1 Scope is too rare.
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Since .57, including .58 it only spawns on the SVD. This really defeats the purpose of the scope being usable on AKs since no one that actually finds an SVD will cripple it to use its scope on an AK.

In addition, in the event the scope itself gets ruined, the SVD essentially becomes worthless as the only way to get a new scope is to find a completely new SVD.

I recommend that either PSO-1 scope should be a rare spawn in eastern military loot zones (let's say two to four times as rare as the Kashtan), or it should have its own spawns on Heli crashes, a top of spawning on the SVD.


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You come here to say that the PSO scope is rare, and you want the devs to make it more rare? U wot mate?

PSO is a russian weapon attachment, Chernarus is some sort of Russian countryside, it would make more sense that Russian attachments spawn more often at Military Locations and maybe at the russian crashed choppers.

No idea how you got that conclusion. I want it to spawn on its own, a top of spawning with the SVD.

If you still think it spawns on its own, then well, keep enjoying early .55.

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In real life - the PSO-1 telescopic sight comes issued with the SVD, for which it was specifically designed. It makes no sense for the sight to be on its own unless it was detached by someone else.

you said "PSO-1 scope should be a rare spawn"...Spawning on SVD only is not rare enough?

you wanted to say "should NOT be a rare spawn" i guess. I know it's not spawning on it's own but you should check what you write in a ticket ;)

maybe the solution is to give the akm a different scope

you can attach the kashtan scope on the AKM...PSO-1 and Kashtan are the available optics for the AK variants but both of these are rare.
An additional railing System would be good so we would be able to attach US optics on AKs :D

In the recent patch you can find more US loot than Russian.

Mp5 with the red dot Optik is what i use now...3 character, 3 spawn, 3 mp5 after 30 minutes, so atm no Point for me to search for PSO or Kashtan :D

I actually swapped the PSO-1 out from my SVD to my AKM and use the Kashtan on the SVD just because I tend to use semi-automatic rifles at medium range and automatics at long range (tap firing) I can easily nail 400m shots with the SVD and Kashtan scope though, but prefer the 30rnd magazines of the AK74 and AKM

Sponge, I said it should be a rare spawn IN EASTERN MILITARY LOOT ZONES, meaning it should spawn on its own.

Learn to read, then come back.

you know "should be rare in eastern military loot zones" is not equal with "should be spawning on it's own"

if you want to communicate this way then -> learn to express yourself then come back.

Dude i don't want to start an arguement but some of your statements are against the others. But to cut things short, PSO should be more common, and should spawn in Military loot Areas, like the NWAF.

@Geez hi :)

Please check this ticket, i think it's obsolete

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