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Randomly running into invisible targets and character stops.
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As the topic says you randomly run into invisible targets and the character stops for no reason at all.


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Play the game and at some point you will randomly run into invisible barriers/targets and the character stops.

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This seems to happen all over other map.

Not only me this have happend to i have seen streamers run into this problem aswell, i guess this is a problem for every player.

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Character seem to stuck on invisible object, stops for a second and goes on.
What is more annoying that when this happens the character ADS with the weapon in Hands and one simple right click not always leads back to 3rd Person view

Geez added a comment.Sep 22 2015, 3:43 PM

Hello Micho.
Does this occur when you are running with a weapon in your hands and press RMB?

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Micho added a comment.Sep 23 2015, 1:50 AM

It happends regardless if you have a weapon or not in your hand and just by running using the W,A,D, i havent tested if it does occur when doing as you told.

i would guess the main problem is when using W, usually happends when you run forward.

When it happends you literally have to like go around the object like it exist right infront of you but invisible, it is like it gets placed infront of you just randomly when moving forward and your character stops becouse of it, atleast that is how it feels.

I cant describe it better then that.

I can confirm all micho said in above comment, it's totally annoying.

For what it worth, it mostly happens on the roads in between cities for me.

Geez added a comment.Sep 23 2015, 9:37 AM

If there is any existing video of the issue, could someone post it into comments here? If there isnt, it would be appreciated if someone managed to record one once the issue occurs again.
Thanks in advance,

Not easy to reproduce the issue but i will try today.
Im always recording while playing the game if it happens once i will post it here for sure

Micho added a comment.Sep 23 2015, 9:54 PM

I couldnt be arsed to record a video since i know you wouldnt see it more clearly then what i described if someone else want to be my guest.

The only way you would get a clearer view from this particular issue is when someone from your office try to stumble upon this issue and play the game when he finds it he gets the one incharge of that area of issues and let him see it, login to the server and use tools to gather information from that particular area or on the client it happends on if you have such tools.

@Geez i make sure i record every session from now on, if it occurred again i will post the video here.

thought, im agree with micho again, what he described is pretty mu anything you can find out from the video for sure. another thing is you can't even vault when it happens.

Micho added a comment.Sep 27 2015, 4:50 AM

Bohemia there is a youtube link in Darcion's post that shows the issue.

@Darcion, @Micho - it happens when you tap zoom in (RMB). The character tries to zoom in and stops in place. You can clearly see it in the video. If you let go of the W and don't press any keys when that happens, you will see your character zoom the gun sights. It used to happen to me a lot before.

Geez added a comment.Sep 29 2015, 9:34 AM

Hello Micho.
The video which Darcion posted is a known issue and that happens only with ranged weapons. Since you have said your issue happens even without weapons, I suppose there is an other issue? If not, I will close this ticket as a duplicate.

Probably invisible fireplace. That happened to me once