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Fireplace Malfunction
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Fire ring will not persist, nor will the tripod for hanging pot.


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Fire ring rocks not persistent (reported in #27788)

Geez added a comment.Sep 18 2015, 2:11 PM

Hello joma126.
By any chance, do you remember which materials have been used in creation of the fireplace (Sticks, rags , paper, firewood) ? Also, was the pot attached to the tripod or was it just tripod? And was the fireplace ignited or not? Thanks in advance.

Hi Geez, I used 6 stones, sticks and rags, no firewood, Tripod was without a pot. Fire was out but still had the after glow ashes.

my fireplaces also tend to vanish with 0.58.129448
with or without tripod/cooking pot

i usually use bark and sticks for the creation

I have replicated the same issue using 3 X firewood; 3 X sticks, 1 X rag, 6 X stones, 1 X cooking tripod and 1 X cooking pot. Lit or not, all crafting materials except the "fireplace kit" are not persistent.

Additionally, the crafted ovens are not persistent.


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Geez added a comment.Nov 9 2015, 9:40 AM

Hello joma126.
Can you please try if the issue is still present on current experimental branch ?

Hi Geez.
On .59 fire ring is persisting, and fire glow is out upon restart.
I could not find a cooking tripod to test, will keep an eye out for one.

NOTE: Cooking pot will no longer go into barrel, but will go into backpacks, also matches do not seem to persist when in a barrel?

Sorry but it is not working right, the fireplace will de-spawn after some time.
The entire fireplace and stones disappear after let's say 15 minutes.


Haven't tried with stones yet but tripod and cooking pot despawn when used with fireplace kit after a few hours. However, this set up did make it past a server restart.


Runs with Cows


I have now tried both the fireplace and the furnace and the despawn time for both is circa 25 mins.


Runs with Cows

Geez added a comment.Nov 24 2015, 11:34 AM

Hello and thank you all for the information.
We will investigate the behaviour based on the information provided, however currently the fireplace has 30 minutes despawn time, which is intended for now.

Hi Geez, Happy New Year to you all. This fire ring issue is still NOT working. Despawned after maybe 5-10 minutes.

Geez added a comment.Jan 12 2016, 3:44 PM

Hello and thank you for the update.
So currently the reproduction steps are something along the lines of:

  1. create a fireplace with stones attached
  2. move approx 200m+ from the fireplace
  3. return after 5-10 minutes

or does the attachments disappear while you are standing near to the fireplace?

Built ring and walked away for maybe 10 minutes to get water, came back ring was gone