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Odd swap glitch / switch / disappear.
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Put my winchester down while double carrying rifles. Picked it back up again. The guy I was came over and said- hey... there's a winchester on the ground. He had a gun cleaning kit in his hand at the time.

I told him I'd already picked it back up again and it was mine from before. He could still see it so he tried to pick it up to see what happened and suddenly I lost the winchester and had his gun cleaning kit in my hands! He said the winchester disappeared... I was stuck with a gun cleaning kit. I tried logging and also tried resetting the server (nobody else was in it) but it was gone.


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Uncertain... it'll depend on an item glitched on the ground after being picked up by the original carrier. If the other person has an item in their hands, they could try picking up the duped item and see if the item in their hand transfers over to the original duped item carrier.

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