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Officer Tent Exploit - Unlimited spawning of Military Gear
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The Officers Tent spawns all military gear at will of the player who chooses to exploit the bug.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go into any of the Officers tent ( the tent with the rounded top and the one wooden door, in the military bases .
  1. Take ALL gear out of the building making sure to "crouch & tab" to see stuff under the floor-boards.
  1. Once all items have been removed, enter the tent and close the door and wait 30 seconds.
  1. "Crouch & Tab" to see all items spawning under the floor.
  1. Repeat the process. Taking all item out and dropping them on the ground and return and close the door and have new loot spawn over and over.
Additional Information

I have witnessed loot explosions outside the officers tent on several occasions this past week and I also witnessed more then 4 players who were "DOING SOMETHING" at these was not until today we figured out what they were doing. They are exploiting a glitch described above.

EVERYTHING military is spawning there and in 2 hours we had 5 players all geared with M4 and all the ammo and mags we could carry in 4 mountain backpacks...not to mention high-end scopes clothing and other stuff. Augs, Ak101, UMP, mags and clips galore.

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The server should be wiped of all loot because there are now MANY MANY MANY players who have barrels and tents FULL of M4/Ammo and other "top-of-the-line" military gear by cheating and using this exploit.

This is a disadvantage to all other players who did not exploit this bug...and the game is currently unbalanced for simple pvp due to this exploit.

Also...players are "jumping servers" to abuse the exploit. So finding a loot explosion outside the officers tent on 1 server does not incriminate that server owner or it's players. I have witnessed players exploiting the bug and moving the gear to another server, while leaving the explosion on the original server.

I sat in the dark under cover and watched 2 players do this for over an hour. I did not engage because I had only 1 bullet in my only gun, because I did not have a magazine for it. But they even moved the gear to their own server where I was sure they stored it in persistent tents,barrels.

My friend and I found a campsite near Kamenka comprised of tents, barrels and V3S's all hoarded and spaced a few hundred meters apart, full of AKMs, M4s and other high end loot. Meanwhile none of those said high end items were spawning on the map anywhere.

There are now many YouTube videos showing how to exploit these huts.

Also, for the purpose of investigating bugs in alpha for you guys...I have jump a bunch of servers, while spawning in and out at these huts. I find most have loot laying around them, such as: full ammo boxes, full backpacks, and other containers full of loot.

Hope this gets fixed soon...maybe "edit" the hut from spawning anything at all until you guys can fix it. Can you simply make the hut's loot spawn at another military building? such as the tents? Or is this fix just on the back-burner for .59?

It is difficult to play the game properly and search for loot the intended way...when you can gear up using this glitch,,,and you know 50% of the player base is now exploiting the glitch...and 80% of the servers I checked had "glitch-loot" laying around this hut...I wish i never found this glitch, it is truly a "mind f*&k" currently. ;)