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Interacting with player camps nearly impossible
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Our squad set up a camp a couple of days ago and we have been experiencing rather severe issues when interacting with anything in the area. The camp is moderately sized; A total of 4 tents and one barrel. At first we set up three tents and the barrel at the same spot. WHen we started to run into issues, we read over the patchnotes and split the camp up and spread it out over a large area: There is a Main camp with two tents and a barrel and the other two tents are roughly 400 meters away from each other and 200 meters from the main camp. But the issue still remains and now the entire area is lagging and I constantly lose connection to the session which is getting extremely frustrating. There is not enough space to spread the camp out any further, so we really don't know what else to do, so help would be much appreciated.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Set up a camp with two tents.
  2. Fill those tents with loot.
  3. Enjoy.

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the issue is known, devs are preparing a hotfix

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Do you stash containers inside containers? Like Protector Cases or Vests for example?

This seems to be the root for some peoples lag.

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Hello tabunopoly and thank you for the report.
The issue has been confirmed, fixed internally and should be fixed on Steam soon (#0027232).