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Weapons not respawning (private hives)
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Before people say this is not a bug or something like that, i played a lot of experimental, so i know how theoretical the loot should be spawning...

So after me and my friends started playing on the first day of stable, everything was fine. We found lots of items and lots of weapons.
On Day 2 however, weapons started to get really rare, we started to think people were running ahead of us and looting them.

On Day 3 we decided to try on a different server. This was my travel: Svets ->Olsha -> Cernaya Polana -> Novo -> Nagornoe -> military base at north -> Kamensk -> Severograd -> Grishino
I wont say i searched all houses, but i searched almost all of them. At the end of the day the only weapon i found was a Trumpet!

At the same time, my friend started in Berezino. This was his travel: Berezino -> gorka -> Novy Sabor -> stary-> grishino -> novaya petrovka -> then back at grishino where we met up.
At this point the only weapon he found was a shotgun in a police car.

We run back to stary to loot the tents and we found 3 guys fighting each other in the middle of he road with axes... We were like well atleast they dont have weapons either. We cant be the only ones with this problem.
This was around 6 hours of gameplay running around and looting everything.

This was all played on private hives.

Yesterday we tried do same thing on public servers, we quickly found weapons, atleast 1 weapon in each city on the route i made.


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Had this problem in private hives.

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Also not sure if it matters, but i see a lot of ruined guear and items left by players on the ground when they should had decayed alredy.

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This has been my experience on private hives as well. Plenty of food and clothing, especially in the Northern towns, but civilian weapons are dwindling.

Assuming the Experience on the final Experimental build and the Stable public servers is also what they intended for Stable private servers, it seems like this could be classified as a bug or glitch with the CLE on private hives.

Same here, was running around on a private server with a friend for 6 hours. Found a magnum in a hidden spot and a sporter. Not a single weapon at nwaf too.

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Same here, private hive too, weapons are almost non existent. You meet people up north with their best weapon being a shovel.

Private hive issues as well. Some buildings absolutely not respawning loot (example: small cabin buildings at summer camp/out in woods. Noticed with other buildings as well just can't think of which ones right now for sure.)

Also noted issues with the cleanup. Same guys jeans in a deer stand for 3 days where he obviously picked up some other pants. Found a long stick from a tree I chopped down yesterday just laying there(kind of close to base/maybe persistence affecting it somehow).

Same un-looted items sitting in the same buildings for days (thought they would be cycled if not taken for a period of time - don't really know how all this is supposed to work)

Civilian guns really rare. With the time it takes to find one, it's quicker to run to mil camp/heli spawns and grab an automatic.

I think it just takes a while for guns to despawns (3-4 days without player interaction)

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I have noticed this too. Hardly any I walked through about 10 towns and not one gun.

Also, notciing items remaining on the ground for ages (clean up doesn't seem to be working)

The same items remain in house day after day. I was under the impression that these would despawn? I could be wrong

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Not sure if this helps... But i noticed that some servers started to do reset on persistance files, in order for the loot to respawn.

Yeah, server owners have caught on to the issue and are resetting persistence to get the loot back to "cold start" status.

Good for them but it may create some confusion when reporting the issue. You're going to get lots of people saying "I played on a private server last night and loot was everywhere!".

Our private hive server is not spawning loot at military locations either and we have not done a persistence wipe since .58 came out. Also loot is not being cleaned up properly. I hope the devs can fix this ASAP as our server has gone from being rank 20 in the world to rank 30 over the past couple of days.

so the question is: how to raise awareness of this?