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Character could not regain consciousness but could walk around
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My friend fell unconscious from dehydration. We immediately fed him 4 bottles of water and lots of food and waited 10-15 minutes but he did not regain consciousness, despite also trying CPR.

We tried tying him up and untying him to see what happened. While tied up he was able to wiggle while still unconscious, and after being untied he was able to stand up and walk around, still unconscious. After feeding him more and waiting he tried disconnecting from the game as a last resort but his character died.


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I witnessed this on a Twitch stream a couple weeks ago. The scenario:

-Guy's buddy gets shot up, but is still conscious and able to bandage.
-Very shortly after the server went down
-Upon rejoining, buddy is unconscious
-After a period of time, buddy's character stands up and he can blindly control the character, but the "You are unconscious" screen is still up.

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Can confirm this aswell.