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GORKA Letterbox glitch in Doorway
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You have a floating Letterbox in a doorway (Long, single-story,dark-wood cabin with 2 rooms)

I'm sure this must have been reported many times, but after the recent structure changes in Gorka - its still there in 0.57 stable.

See attached image {F32471}


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Go into log cabin - center of Gorka, opposite entrance to barn complex - near trashed police car. Be awe-struck at the amazing floating blue letterbox that levitates magically in the doorway!

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I hope you've got this fixed for 0.58.

There is another graphic glitch in a 1-room. 2-lobby house (tan colour) in the first town Immediate West of the Central Northern Military base (the one in deep forest with several zombie pits). Kamensk area -?

There is a tree growing in the main room that I'm sure is not intentional - or maybe you're really big STALKER fans??

Will try to get exact coordinates in future if this hasnt been reported yet, here you go: 066008 (or 066.2 008.7 for more accuracy)

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Here's the map co-ordinates for the house with the tree growing out of the floor:


(or top row: 0662 side row: 0087 - if you need more precision)

Still problem in 0.58

Geez added a comment.Aug 27 2015, 9:58 AM

Hello Cabbage and thank you for the report.
This is a known issue (#21537) and it has been scheduled for a fix.